You can reach Kea in one (1) hour by ship from the port of Lavrio. Routes are carried out daily. You can also travel to Kea from the islands of Siros or Kithnos. In order to get to the port of Lavrio, you can take the Attica Tollway (Attiki Odos) or the coastal Poseidonos and Athens – Sounio Avenues. There is also a bus to Lavrio, where you take the ferry to Kea, that leaves from the Athens International Airport “Eleutherios Venizelos” (information: +30 22990 40738).

Otherwise, about 100 m. from the Victoria railway station, at the Pedio tou Areos, you will find the Attica KTEL buses to Lavrio (information: +30 210 8230179 and +30 210 8213203). The buses leave every 30 minutes.

Information of Ship's Routes for Kea (Tzia)

Marine Agency of Kea
Mouzaki Kaiti,
Τel : +30 22880 21920
Fax : +30 22880 21432
Tel.: +30 22880 21435 &
+30 22880 22660
Marine agency of Lavrio
Morfovasili Marianna
Tel : +30 22920 26777
Fax : +30 22920 27285
Krialis Michael
Tel : +30 22920 26200, +30 22920 60370
Fax : +30 22920 60371
Tel: +30 22920 69380

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The routes are going through changes without previous notice. The company is not responsible for any delays in times of arrival or departure of the ship due to external factors or superior force independently of its will.

Weather prediction for Kea (Tzia)

For you own service and before you depart from Lavrio to Kea, seek for weather information as our island concerns in the following links:

Transportation on Kea (Tzia)

As soon as you will get off the ship, buses and taxis will be waiting for you to take you to your desirable destinations. Transportation with vehicles in Kea (Tzia) is achieved either by yours brought from Lavrio or by those which you can rent on the island.

What to taste and buy

Before going back by ship to Lavrio from Kea (Tzia), you must definitely taste local specialite like "Paspala" - a dish with small pork pieces cooked with tomatoes and eggs - "Cigarettes" - pork from Kea (Tzia) with fat - and "Loza" - a dish with salt pork. The famous dishes of "Astakomakaronada" and "Kokkora Krasatou", before the return to Attica from Kea (Tzia), combined with the local red wine "Mavroudi", are a pleasure that cannot be omitted. The apiculture is a tradition so when you are in Kea (Tzia) buy honey, its famous pasteli as well as macaroons or spoon sweets in a variety of flavors.

Useful Telephone Numbers for Kea (Tzia)

Municipality of Kea +30 22880 360000 Alpha Bank +30 22880 22702
Police Station +30 22880 21100 National Bank +30 22880 22680
Courthouse of Kea +30 22880 22249 Piraeus Bank +30 22880 22711
Port Authority of Kea +30 22880 21344
Port Authority of Lavrio +30 22920 25249 Center of Citizens Service +30 22880 21150
Regional Community Center +30 22880 22200 Archeological Museum +30 22880 22079
Pharmacy +30 22880 22277 Help at home +30 22880 22300

+30 69734 66664