Your stay

Getaways on Kea for a dreamy stay

There are so many things that can be firstly said about Kea’s wonderful places. An island for all tastes and seasons, that offers, even the most demanding visitors, a pleasant stay.

In summer from early in the morning drinking coffee and swimming until late at night dancing and drinking coctails. On the other hand, in winter, you MUST enjoy the local specialties in one of the hospitable, little taverns, and your stay gets marvelous by taking walks on the beach with the sea whispering insular rhythms.

You only need a good mood and good friends, although even the loners will be fascinated by the island and the explorations its inconceivable landscapes will offer them.

Follow the footpaths (16 km long, 65% stone-built) and capture, during your stay on Kea, gripping sunsets and the clear blue Aegean waters.

Your stay on Kea will make even more beautiful hundreds of small churches that decorate the hills and slopes full of oaks and almond trees, the picturesque capital of the island, Ioulida (Chora), and the wonderful beaches with the crystal clear waters.

You will also be charmed by the uniqueness of the revealed archaeological treasures and so many more, that justify why Kea has won a place in our heart!