Kea (Tzia)

Origin from our Kea - Tzia, an island that at some bodies has not yet given the chance to be charmed by its virgin landscapes, the fresh water and its gentle breeze.

Traveler imagination in Kea - Tzia comes across familiar view, that odorizes from cozy, carefree memories taken from the local fairytales that grandmother used to 'cover' me with during my childhood nights.

Many have asked me… 'Why in Kea - Tzia?'…'What's the different from other adorable destinations?'. I do not answer...but with a nod I invite, I dare! Come and travel there, where everything sings, breathes, lives!

In Kea - Tzia the voices become rain drops in winter's evenings and the shades dance in the alleys during summer midday.

Nature in Kea - Tzia celebrates and deifies the existence of earthly paradises. Our land is waiting to conquer you, like it does with its visitors years now.

Sail for Kea - Tzia and its harbor, the graphical, natural bay of Korissia.

There you will be welcomed, while lighting your most travelling thoughts, by the first lighthouse that was turned on in Cyclades (1831), the lighthouse of Saint – Nicolas, built on the remains of the saint temple of Poseidon.

Come, don't be late… We are waiting for you…